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Charles A. Brownfield
P.O.Box 8233
Kalispell Mt.59904
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For Your Protection
,when hiring any contractor,
- Never pay more than  10% as a deposit on a project to put you into
      their schedule for a job that requires only instock items to complete
      if paying for all materials up front, make the check out to the roofer and the supplier (an Honest contractor would understand and be agreeable). Get a receipt
      that lists all the materials and verify with the supplier date of delivery.
-Always speak the with roofers insurance agent, explain what the project consists of   and request a certificate of liability insurance to be mailed directly to you.
-Always receive a copy of Independant Contractor Exemption Certificate,with the job
     your paying  them for  listed on the certificate(if it says painting, and your paying
     them for roofing-call the state 406-444-7734)
-Always verify that all employees of contractor are covered by    Workers  Compen-
      sation   @ 406-444-6543