A  Brief History of experience in the roofing arena:    At 14 years old, I went to work for Donnie and Stacy Timm who owned Timmline Building Products, a metal roofing manufacturer here in the valley . It was a different time back then, 1977, and they didn't think anything about tossing me the keys to the 2 1/2 ton 18' flatbed, telling me to load 3 roofing jobs with the forklift, find the addresses, and deliver the metal to the sites. At 14 , all I had was a learners permit! That experience has always stood out in my mind and I'm proud of the fact that Donnie and Stacy put that much trust in me at  that age.
       By 1982, I could run all the equipment they had for manufacturing roofing. In 1991 ,the Timms sold the plant to a larger roofing company and a year later combined ours with a Spokane branch, in Spokane. With 15 years of sheetmetal fabrication and a few roofs under my belt, I went into business for myself.
       It wasn't long before I realized why our company had been purchased. Quality! Quality! Quality! We were Great at what we did. Now that Timmline was gone, there wasn't anyone that could produce good quality products here in the valley at that time, and I needed control of production to obtain the quality I had been used too.
      I was quick to obtain the basics of a Professional Roofer. Hydraulic Press Brake, 10 ft. Shear, sliter, welders, shapers, handbrake,and an assortment of other goods that bring the Quality level to a new high. There's even a portable 16" SNAP-LOCK rollformer for making exact size  roofing panels on those tight job sites.
      What my history says is " I've always been in roofing and  I'm here to stay". Dependable Quality and Professionalism you can Trust.....34 years experience.....and more to come.....      
Kohrs Ranch Clubhouse
  DeerLodge MT.
Whitefish Lake
Olney Mt.
Coles Ranch
     Trust.......Find someone you like and trust and they're going to take care of you. That's what A+ Roofing is about. Quite often people make the decision based on price and come to realize there's a reason for the saying   "You get what you paid for.".  We make sure you receive the best in quality materials and our price includes everything needed for a complete roof system....not an $$bill above the bid price for items that should have been included in the bid.